Your Accounting Department works hard to make sure the bills get paid when due but may not be able to verify all the Rates, Taxes, Surcharges and Calculations on your Utility and Services Vendor billings.

It is very time consuming for companies to track and verify the accuracy of billing line item calculations especially when dealing with multiple facilities, multiple utilities, and an array of suppliers and/or vendors.

CFO’s, Controllers and Executive Officers have a fiduciary responsibility to lower the bottom line and to make sure their company is not overspending. Finding errors doesn’t reflect that your team is doing a poor job.  On the contrary, using GEE’s audit services assures that your team is doing everything they can to decrease expenses.  We are here as a second pair of eyes and have got your back throughout the process.

Our Bill Auditing Service will:

  • Identify Refunds as a result of errors and overcharges found in historical bills that will result in immediate refunds.
  • Identify charges for items that are unnecessary and do not affect service.
  • Analyze and complete a Benchmarking study of your cost items to industry, geographical and other standards to ensure you are not overpaying and if so, identify opportunities for future savings.
  • Identify and negotiate a more cost-effective plan with your current vendor.
  • Identify errors resulting in future savings.
  • Provide on going cost savings strategies.

There is no risk to you to see what savings are with our Bill Auditing Service.  With our care-free services you will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you are not being overcharged and you fulfilled your fiduciary responsibility.

Depending on the size of your organization, Savings can amount from thousands to millions of dollars in overcharges and unnecessary operating costs. Our experienced auditing Team will inspect and verify the up to 150 cost components in every bill to make sure you have not been overcharged. Once errors have been identified we will bring them to the attention of your utility/vendor so they can issue an immediate refund.

Decrease Expenses with Bill Auditing Service – The smart action item is to identify any errors and recapture the past overcharges before it is too late.

Increase Cash Flow with Green Energy Experts Bill Auditing Service – Just think, you could be the hero of your company by starting your audit today.

Contact us today to see how much GEE’s Bill Audit Service can recover for your business.



Audit Types that Qualify for Cost Reduction Services

We offer No Up-Front Auditing and Cost Reduction Services in all States of the USA for the following department account types:

Utility Bill Audits

Facility Operation and Management Expense Audits

Financial Responsibility Audits

HR Expense Audits


The Bill Audit Service Process is Easy and Simple.

The Bill Audit Service paperwork takes about 15 minutes to complete so it is easy to get started.

We work with your accounting team to electronically collect the needed billings for the audit.  We only look at bills, invoices and contracts.  There is no need to show us your books for the audit.

We complete the audit and evaluate the results.  We then  negotiate and work with your utilities/vendors to make sure the errors get fixed and the savings are implemented.  As your utility audit service provider, we will continue to stay involved to make sure that errors stay fixed and calculate and determine the financial success of our recommendations.  and create a detailed report of the savings.

Our services are contingency fee based which means that we only get paid for performance. With our Shared Savings Program we will only be compensated on the results identified from the audit in the form of a refund, credits issued, and/or ongoing future savings.  If no recovery/savings are discovered then you pay nothing.

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