Demand Response Programs

Increase Revenues & Decrease Expenses

Demand response programs are one of the solutions to reduce electric usage during critical usage times when the demand for electricity is greater than the supply available.  This program creates a revenue stream for your business.  The program is currently open to qualifying facilities in CA, NY and Ontario, Canada.  Additional programs open up in other States every Fall when the utilities reevaluate their demand response program capacity needs for the upcoming new annual cycle.

The USA’s electric grid is mainly antiquated.  Over-stressing the electric grid is very expensive and causes damage to equipment on the utility side and the end users side of the grid.  The resulting affects are bad for everyone.  As the demand for electricity continues to increase, utilities are continuously looking for ways to reduce demand on the electric grid to avoid system overload.

Since energy cannot be stored efficiently on a large scale yet, utilities must meet the rises in demand with more generation from other sources like peaker plants or by purchasing power from outside their network.  Less than half of the generation capacity in the U.S. comes from power plants designed to run all the time to meet local demand.  The balance of the electric plants stand idle until they are needed to come online to help avoid a brownout or blackout situation.

Once a customer enrolls in a Demand Response Program,  an engineering analysis is performed to create electric reduction strategies for short term and long term energy savings.  This program works great for all customer types including commercial,  industrial, manufacturing and institutional facilities.

Please contact us today even if there is not capacity currently available in your State, because we can reserve your spot when a demand response program opens up in your area.


Demand Response Program Features

  • This Program is a tool that helps reduce the stress on the grid at peak usage times by systematically reducing the demand for electricity across the grid.
  • Receive income for each event that you participate in during the program year.
  • Demand Response Programs keep your electricity costs lower since your usage is decreased during peak demand times.
  • Receive a check for the times that you reduced your usage.
  • There are no fees to participate.
  • There are NEVER ANY PENALTIES if you do not reduce your Usage during a reduction event.
  • Program participants receive free equipment and performance tracking software that allows you to monitor your electric use.
  • Demand Response Programs reduce your carbon footprint and helps you Go Green!
  • Frequency – Demand Response Programs runs on non-holiday weekdays only.
  • Advance notice of a Reduction Event gives you time to decide to participate in an event.
  • You get to decide what electric usage to reduce during a critical event.
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