Deregulated Energy States Map of Electric and Natural Gas

Darker Green States are Deregulated Energy States with both Electric and Natural Gas.  Medium Green is Deregulated Electric or Deregulated Natural Gas Procurement Services that we can provide to your facility.  Light Green is not deregulated yet.

Cost Reduction Services and Bill Auditing Services are available in all States.

Solar Financing, Wind Financing, LED lighting Financing, Fuel Cell Financing, Cool Roof Financing and Battery Backup Financing are available in all 50 States.  Please contact us if your project type or equipment is not on the list for potential funding review.

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Green Energy Experts Services Availability Map

Green Energy Experts deregulated energy States map of electric and natural gas procurement services will show you where we can help reduce your operating expenses.

For energy procurement, once you sign up for a supplier you will not only get the lowest energy rates but also have an account manager that will make sure your best interest is always addressed as volatile energy markets shift.  You will be notified immediately if the market indicates that an extension or modification of your supply agreement would be advantageous. We have got your back now and in the future as the market changes during the term of your agreement.

Green Energy Experts Business Model is Simple – Provide Our Clients with the Best Energy Products and Services available in the Market Place.

Whether you want to be Greener, Start or Meet your Sustainability Initiatives or Just Plain Save Money GEE is here to help.

Please Contact Us to find out what Programs are available in your area and how you Can Start Saving Money Today.