Green Energy Experts National Project Development and EPC Services

Green Energy Experts, LLC (GEE) has expanded our offerings to include National Project Development and Construction (EPC) Services to benefit our renewable energy partners. In conjunction with our highly rated National EPC’s, GEE offers a suite of EPC and financing services that give our partners a competitive edge to gain market share and win projects that they might not have otherwise had the resources to undertake.

Our Qualifications:
• 30+ years in the Solar Industry
• 10+ years in Commercial Construction
• 10+ years in Engineering
• 20+ years Project Development
• 30+ years in Financing

• National EPC firms
• National & international financing
• Tier 1 bankable panels and inverters
• Competitive pricing on all equipment
• Turn-Key construction capability
• Production & performance guaranty available
• Over 300+ tradesmen (Boots on the Roof)
• Fixed pricing
• Journeyman workmanship
• PPAs, prepaid PPAs, operating & capital lease financing available

Have you ever faced any of these challenges as a Solar Contractor or EPC?
• Been under bid and lost the job
• Had projects that did not pencil out financially
• Off-taker PPA rate was too low to make your numbers work
• Could not achieve your minimum required net margin due to a competitor’s bid
• Unable to service a particular geographical area where the project was located
• Did not have the staff to take on additional jobs
• Project or scope of work was outside your area of expertise

Benefits with Green Energy Experts EPC & Financing services?

  • Still earn your target net margin
  • We work behind the scenes for you under a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • We can act as your Subcontractor
  • Retain credit for the project
  • Compete with anyone for EPC work & Financing
  • Increase volume without increasing overhead
  • Improve bottom line profitability
  • Increase your service area
  • Enter new geographical territories
  • Increase your market exposure and project portfolio for your company
  • You will win more bids
  • Handle bigger jobs
  • Better financing numbers will yield more appealing proposals to customers
  • Lower installed costs with similar net margins
  • Our EPC’s are licensed and bonded, with crews servicing all 50 states
  • Potentially double or triple your number of installed jobs in 2016

What We Can Deliver for You as an EPC and Lender

  • Expert installation crews throughout the USA
  • Bonded in all 50 States
  • Providing ground, roof and canopy mounting
  • Project Management Services
  • Engineering & Feasibility Studies
  • Several types of 100% Financing Programs
  • 100 kW or larger projects with no upper size limits


 Bring us any cash or financeable commercial solar project for review and quote

  1. You retain the client as your client, and any referrals they bring you
  2. For expediting the process, we prefer your company to be responsible for initial engineering, feasibility study and preliminary proposal to client, obtaining signed contracts etc. from client and securing permits
  3. We do a site visit and make any suggested layout modifications that would assist our crew’s workflow process, thereby reducing costs
  4. We procure, mobilize and install job


 Contact your GEE Rep or we will assign you one

  1. Complete our on-boarding process – Your company becomes one of our qualified vendors
  2. Complete a project questionnaire
  3. Provide all project information available
  4. GEE will provide a preliminary installation quote
  5. GEE will determine available financing options and pricing
  6. You discuss options with Customer and obtain LOI
  7. GEE commences formal quoting process for project construction
  8. GEE requests information from client to complete finance underwriting and obtains approval
  9. Schedule a site visit, finalize and execute EPC agreement
  10. Execute financing documents
  11. You secure permits and we mobilize and start construction/installation

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Financing Disclosure: Green Energy Experts, LLC or its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice as to which funding vehicle meets your client’s or company’s needs. Please see your tax adviser to determine how this information may apply to your own situation. All credit decisions are subject to approval. Not all projects and/or companies will qualify for financing. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.