Green Energy Experts is the strategic partner for the manufacturer of the next generation of Waste to Energy technology that is available in the global market place today.

This is not a gasification, pyrolysis or combustion process that creates hazardous gases and materials that need additional processing and disposal.

This is a closed loop system that produces NO HAZARDOUS EMISSIONS or bi-products and any feedstock materials with zero BTU value are sorted and recycled during the processing cycle.

The system is capable of poly-generation: the simultaneous production of electricity, steam, hot water, and Bio-fuels plus produces various commodities that can be sold for additional revenue streams.

Our waste to energy technology is capable of processing all forms of waste (with the exception of nuclear waste) as feedstock and converting it into various forms of clean energy.  With multiple input and output configurations the technology is very diverse and can be utilized in most industry sectors.

The plant has the capability to handle the following types of feedstock:

  • Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) / Refuse
  • Tires / Rubber / Plastics / Textiles
  • Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) or Auto fluff
  • Sewage & Sludge Treatment
  • Cooking Oils & Brown Grease
  • Medical Waste, Bio-hazardous and Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper / Cardboard
  • Coal, Petroleum Sludge, Oils, Oil Sands
  • Wood, Yard Waste, Biomass,
  • Construction & Demolition Materials, Mattresses & Furniture
  • Agricultural Wastes, Plant Stock, Manure
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste, Chemical Waste
  • Environmental Remediation, Soil, Surface & Groundwater
  • Brownfield Sites & Redevelopments

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