Renewable Energy Project Financing

Renewable energy project financing is heart and soul of our organization. Moving to renewable energy sources is a global effort, but the choice is clear. It will improve air pollution and energy security while fostering economic growth, and ultimately would improve health and quality of life of everyone sharing this planet. As energy demands continue to rise and fossil fuels are depleted, sustainable energy becomes increasingly important, which can be seen in the job growth within the renewable energy sector here in the United States. We understand the value of the entire spectrum of renewable energy technology: wind, solar, biomass, even geothermal and hydro.

In recent years third-party renewable energy project financing has been driving the cost lower, opening up access that was previously closed. Much of this has to do with the increased variety available on the renewable energy financial market, including power purchase agreements and a myriad of leasing options. There are also less frequently used products such as PACE project financing, which fill a need in the underserved small commercial market.

This reduced cost isn’t limited to the U.S. or other leaders in the renewable industry; it is also being seen in developing nations where over one billion people do not have access to electricity. Three times as many still rely on fuels like wood or coal to do their cooking. Renewable energy projects on the utility scale greatly improve health, while renewable energy projects on any scale boost economic growth and create jobs in their communities. If you are building energy-generating wind turbines on the other side of the world or a solar farm right our own back yard, we are happy to assist. We have been financing renewable energy projects for years and have been able to help countless clients earn their energy independence. Anyone who is looking for renewable energy project financing in the United States, Canada, India, China, or anywhere on this planet will find a wide range of financial solutions to solve any financing challenges.

We provide a number of financing solutions for renewable energy projects ranging from small commercial solar projects to utility scale renewable energy farms. Our proven experience means that we know which solutions will work for your situation, and how to close those solutions. Let us know how we can help; we will continue our investment in renewable technologies as we push forward to a low-carbon environment.

Energy Project Financing

The non-renewable energy sector is comprised of two main industries: oil and gas. While our main focus has always been renewable energy, much of what we do synergizes well with non-renewable energy project financing. The driving principles are the same in both, a fuel source is used to produce energy, which is then fed into the main power grid. There are substantial differences in the technology, feedstock, and costs, in which our energy project finance team is well-versed. Whether you have a power plant, refinery, or other oil & gas project, we have the resources and knowledge to provide you with the funding required for your energy project financing needs.

The oil & gas industry has been steadily growing, with upstream spending over $700 billion in project financing in 2013. This surge in energy project investment can be attributed in part to the expanding range of financing solutions in recent years. While this has led to the larger energy companies surging, the smaller, independent companies face trouble competing for energy project funds. Project financing for the oil and gas industry is less common for a variety of reasons, largely that oil & gas is a long-term industry and many of the funding options reflect this. In comparison to similar industries with large infrastructure, such as other energy projects, oil and gas tends to be less stable and less reliable. This drives away many investors only after the easiest energy project financing, generally pushing them into the crowded renewable energy project financing market. Green Energy Experts will continue to provide energy project financing solutions to clients in the non-renewable energy sector by funding projects such as oil refineries in the United States, Canadian liquefaction plants, and LNG power plants in India.

Our team has experience and relationships throughout the various energy industries. We provide capital to oil & gas companies for exploration, production, midstream, along with energy services and infrastructure projects. If you have an energy project that you would like to discuss financing options for, please contact us. We are glad to share our knowledge and find out if private financing may be right for your energy project.

Infrastructure Loan Financing

Infrastructure project financing is something relatively new to the world of private lending. Historically, public infrastructure projects were large and typically funded by the government through fundraising channels such as bond measures. Later, seeing the need for more options, banks entered and have become the traditional financing provider for commercial infrastructure loans. In recent years private sources of capital have quietly been entering the commercial marketplace. The migration toward private lenders has been slow for a number of reasons, including capital intensity and a long asset life. It takes a specialized team to understand the unique requirements and characteristics of infrastructure loans, this coupled with the previous issues has prevented many lenders from entering the market. Our team is well versed in the unique challenges faced when seeking large commercial project financing. We can provide creative solutions that include both private equity financing and debt financing or a combination financing package.

The difficulties do not end there, as these tend to be the most complex projects we see. Each commercial infrastructure project is very unique and little specific information carries over from one project to the next. In order to spread the risk across the numerous entities involved, complex legal agreements are required. Commercial infrastructure financing often appears clouded with the depth of legal arrangements and unique nature causing a lack of transparency. This concerns many investors who are used to more straightforward, fully transparent projects in other sectors.

We are not deterred by any of these issues, as we look beyond the troubles above. By approaching infrastructure lending as another form of commercial project finance, it allows us to bring our experience and proven methods. This technique allows us to simplify an already complex financing project by adding structure and clear expectations. Our team understands the risks involved, and how those are outweighed by benefits. Once infrastructure projects pass the high costs & risk in the pre-development and construction phases, entering the operational phase they generally become very stable and profitable. Beyond their strong stability and profit potential, financing commercial infrastructure projects is invaluable to the communities the projects serve, providing resources such as reliable clean drinking water. For these reasons, we appreciate any opportunity to work on infrastructure projects where private lending is required.

Joint Venture Financing

Joint venture (JV) project financing is an excellent funding solution for many businesses. This allows companies who are willing to give up some equity to grow without adding debt to their books. Companies with a solid business model and product can use this approach to scale up quite rapidly as they are not burdened with debt or loan repayments, enabling them to focus on creating additional revenue and adding more value than they could with traditional financing. Other businesses seek out more strategic joint venture funding to grow their business. In these partnerships the financing may be of less importance than the relationship itself with the joint venture partner. The equity capital is exchanged for benefits the partner can provide, such as being able to develop relationships with commercial vendors or retailers which otherwise would not be possible, or the use of commercial equipment which allows for an efficient means to scale operational production.

Whether you are seeking to grow your small business or acquire an investment property, it is important to consider that joint venture capital lenders have even more leverage than a traditional debt capital lender. They are more selective as the stakes are different. Rather than evaluating the ability to make a low fixed monthly payment over a period of time, they must evaluate the success of the company over time. The more success your company experiences, the greater the return for the jv capital investor. While that may seem intimidating to some, it is actually a very good thing for the client. You get a much more hands-on lender who not only is concerned about your success, but is focused on the magnitude of your success. Nearly every industry and project type can be funded by JV capital loans. Common venture projects are hotels, shopping centers, office buildings and condos, where both parties share in the risks and rewards of the joint venture project.

When approaching joint venture capital funding for your project, always remember investors are looking for profit potential and are adept at reading between the lines. Simply stating that your project will make a lot of money isn’t good enough. Your key to success in securing investment is presenting a professional business plan that clearly outlines how you will achieve your goal. Another important factor is the management team; an investor needs to feel he is working with a team that is experienced and will get the job done, think of it as a job interview for your company.

Our team is happy to listen to your financing needs and help determine if joint venture financing would be the best way to provide working capital for your project. We will use our experience to create solutions that meet your funding requirements and create long-term success.

Waste to Energy Project Financing

Waste-to-energy (WTE) is a form of biomass renewable energy and is the process of generating electricity (or heat) by destroying waste, commonly in the form of incineration. Often the energy is generating directly from the incineration process, other times the processes yield combustible fuels like methane or syngas. In its simplest form, it is burning garbage to produce electricity. Upon deeper investigation, it is an increasingly complex process in which various forms of waste are used as a feedstock, then super-heated to the point they break down to their most basic elements and compounds. At this point there are different approaches to capturing the energy. This is the most basic concept we see all waste to energy projects follow that approach seeking energy project financing. Following the energy capture phase, the air is treated in various ways to remove any remaining contaminants and harmful emissions before releasing low emission exhaust. The treatment of the exhaust from the waste-to-energy power plant largely depends upon the regulations, some countries or cities have tighter emissions restrictions than others.

When choosing a lender for your waste-to-energy project funding it is important to find one with experience and desire to work in the WTE financing industry. Many renewable energy lenders prefer to deal with commercial solar and wind project financing, not understanding the many unique challenges of funding waste-to-energy projects and ultimately failing to close. Our energy project specialists know the importance of WTE project, which reduces our reliance on landfills and helping to offset the solid waste of the communities they serve. We are happy to assist with any questions regarding your project or the products we can offer.

Some important things to consider with waste-to-energy and biomass projects in general are how they differ from other renewable energy packages; waste energy projects have a high failure rate, coupled with a lack of valuable real estate and assets means these biomass projects can be more difficult to get funded. As a segment, waste-to-energy project financing has greater requirements and its own unique challenges. This is why you need someone with experience and knowledge to help you secure your biomass financing, we understand the challenges faced and know how to deal with them.

While we can help with the challenges above, there are items that make your WTE biomass project more desirable to project lenders. Much like any industry, it is easier to secure funding for proven technology. If your biomass project is one-of-a-kind, it may be difficult to find a renewable energy lender willing to take a risk. It is also critical that biomass projects have secured long-term offtake and feedstock agreements, as these both provide a stable future which leads to a sustainable energy project.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our commercial real estate lending team understands that each person looking to develop, purchase or even refinance real estate has unique needs and requirements in a commercial loan offering. Commercial real estate loans can be used for three primary purposes: development, purchase, and refinance. Real estate development loans and purchase loans can be grouped together for their broader purpose: Investment or Owner-occupied. An easy way to determine which category you call into is to consider the purchase. In an investment loan the property generates the revenue directly, while with an owner-occupied loan, the purchase is used to facilitate revenue creation, such as buying an office.

Investment – Whether developing or purchasing an existing property, these loans are for income-generating properties and generally made to business entities, although occasionally are made to an individual investor. While these commercial real estate investment loans do favor strong financials and higher creditworthiness, the rates on investment loans are typically lower than those which are owner-occupied real estate loans. Additionally, there are even more favorable commercial loan rates when looking to purchase an existing investment property, as there is less risk involved than with a new construction. We pride ourselves on pairing your perfect real estate investment opportunity with the perfect commercial loan product.

Owner-occupied – When it is time to expand, our commercial real estate purchase loans are a commonly used tool to achieve your property funding goals. If this is property that will be used for your business such as a new office or an additional warehouse, the real estate loan would be considered as owner-occupied. Our team can explain how commercial real estate loans can make it possible for your company to stop renting today.

Refinance – Commercial loan rates change over time and there are many real estate loan products in the world of commercial lending, some more favorable than others. There are many reasons why commercial loan refinancing is right for you, such as high interest rate, a high loan payment leading to cash flow issues, and simply paying off something more temporary, such as a commercial construction loan. We have a wide range of commercial real estate loan products that can help to reduce the strain on your business and keep you on the path to success.

Green Energy Expert Global Funding Projects

Our global projects team understands that your financing needs can be complex, and include some of the most challenging projects in the world involving renewable energy power plants, healthcare, mixed-use skyscrapers, and casinos. This is why our financing solutions are just as diverse, ensuring if you have a need, we have a solution with worldwide project funding. We understand how critical project financing is for many industries on a global scale, and have experience funding renewable energy projects in developing countries. We provide our expertise in finance and risk management to guarantee our clients get the solutions they desire. When project financing is done right, everyone benefits; developers can continue to thrive, unencumbered by financial limitations, and communities can enjoy the additional jobs, affordable energy, or other benefits provided by the opportunity.

We have experience working around the globe, including developing nations where the renewable energy demand has exploded in recent years. Our experience across key industries allows us to provide the best project funding solutions to our clients, regardless of their industry.

Commercial Real Estate – This may be the most diverse group, and we provide equity funding for all types of real estate projects. These commercial realty projects include office buildings, hospitals, hotels, malls, casinos, and more. We provide hospital finance, so if you are looking for small hospital financing or seek to build a private facility we can help with solutions such as financing catholic hospitals. Other common interests in commercial real estate finance are shopping center loans and even funding senior citizen centers. Our team of professionals can assist with anything related to commercial leases and loans.

Infrastructure – These projects are often some of the largest, most complex that we see, and often developers are stuck wondering where to get project funding. We understand how important they are to the community-at-large, work such as toll roads, and funding clean water projects. Their magnitude and complexity do not deter us, we enjoy the opportunity to work on these rewarding projects.

Energy projects – Energy projects are our specialty, and while renewable energy is our preferred approach to energy, we understand it is not always possible to “go green”. Our proven approach to energy project financing doesn’t limit us to renewable energy, we have the tools to get your energy project financed.

Renewable energy Projects – Above all else, this is our specialty. We have funded clean energy projects across the spectrum of renewable energy including biomass, solar, and wind. Whether you have a solar farm project in California or need bio energy project financing for converting municipal solid waste in a biomass facility in southeastern Asia, let us secure funding to get construction started on your renewable energy based projects.

Projects Funding For Office Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Casinos, Energy Power Plants, Healthcare, And Mixed-Use Skyscrapers.

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Green Waste to Energy

Green Energy Experts is the strategic partner for the manufacturer of the next generation of Waste to Energy technology that is available in the global market place today.

This is not a gasification, pyrolysis or combustion process that creates hazardous gases and materials that need additional processing and disposal.

This is a closed loop system that produces NO HAZARDOUS EMISSIONS or bi-products and any feedstock materials with zero BTU value are sorted and recycled during the processing cycle.

The system is capable of poly-generation: the simultaneous production of electricity, steam, hot water, and Bio-fuels plus produces various commodities that can be sold for additional revenue streams.



Our waste to energy technology is capable of processing all forms of waste (with the exception of nuclear waste) as feedstock and converting it into various forms of clean energy.  With multiple input and output configurations the technology is very diverse and can be utilized in most industry sectors.

The plant has the capability to handle the following types of feedstock:

  • Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) / Refuse
  • Tires / Rubber / Plastics / Textiles
  • Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) or Auto fluff
  • Sewage & Sludge Treatment
  • Cooking Oils & Brown Grease
  • Medical Waste, Bio-hazardous and Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper / Cardboard
  • Coal, Petroleum Sludge, Oils, Oil Sands
  • Wood, Yard Waste, Biomass,
  • Construction & Demolition Materials, Mattresses & Furniture
  • Agricultural Wastes, Plant Stock, Manure
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste, Chemical Waste
  • Environmental Remediation, Soil, Surface & Groundwater
  • Brownfield Sites & Redevelopments

Tours of an operational plant in the USA available  for qualified developers and potential clients. Please fill in the contact form to the right for more information.

Solar Project Financing With An Operating Lease


An Operating Lease may be the ideal financing structure for for-profit companies that don’t have an appetite for the Federal ITC or MACRS (tax credits or depreciation). The tax benefits of the Operating Lease are utilized by the lessor and that value is passed back to the lessee in the form of lower lease payments. Unlike a Capital Lease with a fixed purchase price at the end of the lease term, an Operating Lease requires a residual balance of “fair market value” at the end of lease term that typically ranges between 15-30% of the project total cost.
 ~ Lease payments are lower than a capital lease
 ~ The effective interest rate is actually a negative percentage
 ~ Operating Leases are “off balance sheet” transactions for the Lessee

 ~ Company Credit:  A+ to B credit types and financially strong companies.

 ~ Company Types: For Profit and Non-Profit

 ~ Ownership Type:  Owner occupied or Tenant occupied financing available

 ~ Project Type:  Commercial and industrial solar projects using Tier 1 Equipment


~ 10 – year total term (Consisting of 7-year Lease with an additional 3-year Term Loan)

 ~ Own the system at the end of the 7 or 10 – year term

 ~ Please Contact Us for Minimum System Size

~ Can be roof mount, ground mount or carport install

Solar Project Financing With A Power Purchase Lease


A Power Purchase Lease (PPL) may be the ideal financing structure for companies that don’t have an appetite for the Federal ITC or MACRS (tax credits or accelerated depreciation) or for Non-Profit organizations. Power Purchase Lease are used in some areas that don’t allow the use of a PPA structure.  The tax benefits of the Power Purchase Lease are utilized by the investor and that value is passed back to the Lessee in the form predictable lease payments over a long term. Unlike a Capital Lease with a fixed purchase price at the end of the lease term, a Power Purchase Lease may offer multiple out options throughout the term of the agreement.


  ~ You only pay for the power that you use from the system
  ~ There are usually no other costs with the PPL to operate the system
  ~ Option to prepay the lease to lower PPL payments
  ~ Options to purchase the system after year six of the PPL
  ~ Monitoring, upkeep and cleaning are usually included in the PPL
  ~ Company Credit:  A+ to B- Credit types and Financially Strong Companies.
  ~ Company Types: For Profit and Not for Profit Entities
  ~ Ownership Type:  Owner occupied or Tenant occupied financing available
  ~ Project Type:  Commercial and Industrial Solar Projects using Tier 1 Equipment
  ~ 20 or 25-year term depending on the financial metrics of the project
  ~ Extend term, terminate agreement or purchase equipment at the end of the term.
  ~ Contact us for Minimum Funding Amounts
  ~ Can be roof mount, ground mount or carport install or combination of the three