Commercial Solar Financing Programs

We currently have Commercial Solar financing  for qualified projects in in most States.  Offering traditional Loans, Leases and Power Purchase Agreements.  Programs vary depending on project needs.  Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you to discuss available options for your project.

Solar Power Leasing Programs

Green Energy Experts no money down Solar Power Leasing Programs are simple: They offer solar electricity at a fixed price that saves you money over time.  We don’t sell equipment or hardware to our customers.  Instead, our  Solar Power Leasing Programs utilize the electricity produced by the solar system that we install on your property under a 20 to 25—year solar Lease Agreement or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

With the  Solar Power Leasing Programs our customers savings increase over time as utility rates usually increase faster than the locked in Lease or PPA kWh contract rate.  Customers remain “connected to the power grid” so we do not replace their utility, but simply supplement it to offset most of their existing utility bill.  This also saves money because the more expensive electric rate tier is not utilized as monthly usage increases.  This can also reduce peak demand charges in some areas with bills that are on Time of Use (TOU) rates.

The  Solar Power Leasing Programs or PPA program covers 100% of the cost to design, permit, install, insure, test, warranty, monitor, repair and operate the Solar Array.  The host customer simply makes a monthly payment for the system, which when combined with their new, lower electric bill, is typically equal to or lower than their existing electricity bill without solar. With some product options the customer will have the option to prepay their Lease which would give them even more savings.

Each customer enjoys all the benefits of going solar without the large upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expense.

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