Green Energy Experts Energy Services

Renewable Energy Funding & EPC Services

  • Green Energy Experts provides Financing and EPC Services for Solar and Green Projects
  • We currently have funding for Qualifying Commercial Solar Projects in all States.
  • Capital Leases, Operating Leases, Power Purchase Agreements and Energy Savings Agreements.
  • Most programs cover 100% of the cost to Design, Permit, Install, Insure, Test, Warranty, Monitor, Repair And Operate The Solar Array.

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Reduce Power Expenses with Energy Procurement

  • Energy Auction Pricing is typically 10% to 25% below your current Utility Supply prices.
  • You decide on the final rate and term of the agreement.
  • GEE only works with credible and competitive suppliers. Suppliers Must pass a Stringent Due Diligence Process before they are allowed to Bid on your power account.
  • Amazing Auction Platform creates lower pricing as Energy Suppliers compete against each other for your Business.
  • There is “No Out of Pocket” expense to see pricing.
  •  It is a Simple process to receive a Bid and start saving money today.

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Reduce Expenses with Utility Bill Auditing

  • Your Accounting Department works hard to make sure the bills get paid on time but may not be able to verify all the Rates, Taxes, Surcharges and calculations on your Utility Bills.
  • We do all the heavy lifting to minimizes the bandwidth of your teams involvement with the audit process.
  •  Utility Bill Auditing is a specialized skill that assures that all the charges on your Utility Bills have been calculated correctly.
  • It is worth taking 15 minutes to complete a simple application that allows us to start the refund process before the statute of limitations stops you from getting your money refunded.
  • If we can’t help you recapture and/or save money on your utility expenses there is no cost for the audit.  Our compensation is contingency fee based which eliminates any risk for your organization .

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Increase Revenues and Decrease Expenses with Demand Response

This Program helps electric suppliers and grid operators reduce the stress on the grid at critical usage times by systematically reducing the grid demand for electricity.

  • Create an additional income for participating in program.
  • Demand Response Programs keep electricity costs lower during periods of high demand since your usage is decreased.
  • Receive payments by check, not just a credit on your bill.
  • There is NO COST at any time to participate in this Demand Response Program.
  • There are NEVER ANY PENALTIES if you do not reduce your Usage during a reduction event.
  • You get to decide what electric usage you can or can’t reduce during a critical event.

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