Vendor Audit Services

Our Experience Shows

  • What you agreed to when initially engaging a vendor doesn’t always reflect what you are paying in your invoices.
  • Companies and Agencies often struggle with insufficient and untrained administrative staff to verify complex utility bills and vendor invoices.
  • Most billing errors go undetected until audited.
  • Errors can amount from thousands to millions of dollars in overcharges and unnecessary operating costs.
  • Companies are under pressure to reduce operating expenses and increase the bottom line.

Account Types that Qualify for Vendor Audit Services

We offer No Upfront Cost Vendor Audit Services in all States of the USA for the following account types:

  • Armored Car Service Audit
  • ATMs Service Audit
  • Bank Fees Audit
  • Billboard Audit
  • CCTV Service Audit
  • CO2 Service Audit
  • Copy Machine Fleet Audit
  • Credit Card Processing Service Audit
  • Document Imaging Service Audit
  • Document Storage/Retrieval Service Audit
  • Email Hosting Service Audit
  • Freight Service Audit- FedEx or UPS
  • Insurance – Property / Liability Audit
  • Laundry Service Audit
  • Law Software Service Audit
  • Newspaper Ads Audit
  • Office Supplies Audit
  • POS Maintenance Service Audit
  • Postage Meters Audit
  • Property Tax Audit
  • Telecom – Call Center Services Audit
  • Telecom – Call Center Software Audit
  • Telecom – Conference Line Service Audit
  • Telecom – Internet Service Audit
  • Telecom – Land-line Phone Service Audit
  • Telecom – Maintenance Service Audit
  • Telecom – Music Audit
  • Telecom – Pager Service Audit
  • Telecom – Television Service Audit
  • Telecom – Wireless Service Audit
  • Truck Rental Audit
  • Uniform Service Audit
  • Web Document Retention Service Audit
  • Web-hosting Service Audit

Our Vendor Audit Services Process is Easy and Simple.

The vendor audit services paperwork takes about 15 minutes to complete so it is easy to get started.

We work with your accounting team to collect the needed billings for the audit. We only look at bill, invoices and contracts. There is no need to show us your books for the audit.

We complete the audit, evaluate the results and create a detailed report of the findings.

After we review the savings with you, we facilitate implementing the corrections that you authorize. We then proceed to negotiate and work with your utilities/vendors to make sure the errors get fixed. As your utility audit service provider, we will continue to stay involved to make sure that errors stay fixed and calculate and determine the financial success of our recommendations.

Our Vendor Audit Services are contingency fee based which means that we only get paid for performance. The shared savings program will provide an equal split of the savings and we will only be compensated on the results identified from the audit in the form of a refund, credits issued, and/or ongoing future savings. If no recovery/savings are discovered then you pay nothing.

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