Energy Project Financing

The non-renewable energy sector is comprised of two main industries: oil and gas. While our main focus has always been renewable energy, much of what we do synergizes well with non-renewable energy project financing. The driving principles are the same in both, a fuel source is used to produce energy, which is then fed into the main power grid. There are substantial differences in the technology, feedstock, and costs, in which our energy project finance team is well-versed. Whether you have a power plant, refinery, or other oil & gas project, we have the resources and knowledge to provide you with the funding required for your energy project financing needs.

The oil & gas industry has been steadily growing, with upstream spending over $700 billion in project financing in 2013. This surge in energy project investment can be attributed in part to the expanding range of financing solutions in recent years. While this has led to the larger energy companies surging, the smaller, independent companies face trouble competing for energy project funds. Project financing for the oil and gas industry is less common for a variety of reasons, largely that oil & gas is a long-term industry and many of the funding options reflect this. In comparison to similar industries with large infrastructure, such as other energy projects, oil and gas tends to be less stable and less reliable. This drives away many investors only after the easiest energy project financing, generally pushing them into the crowded renewable energy project financing market. Green Energy Experts will continue to provide energy project financing solutions to clients in the non-renewable energy sector by funding projects such as oil refineries in the United States, Canadian liquefaction plants, and LNG power plants in India.

Our team has experience and relationships throughout the various energy industries. We provide capital to oil & gas companies for exploration, production, midstream, along with energy services and infrastructure projects. If you have an energy project that you would like to discuss financing options for, please contact us. We are glad to share our knowledge and find out if private financing may be right for your energy project.